Money workshop

Fix our love/hate relationship with money

Healing our relationship with money

A workshop series on one of our favourite love/hate relationships: with MONEY.

Let’s step into an active mode of shifting current beliefs in lack, in order to create a world in which abundance for all is the norm.

Too much, (just) enough, or not enough.

We all have a relationship with money. This workshop is designed to delve into:

  • what we have made money mean to us,
  • how we use it as fuel to ‘prove’ to ourselves our own beliefs about our self worth

  • developing a clear, guilt-free and responsible relationship with money instead.

    You will find this workshop relevant whether you perceive yourself as having too much, (just) enough or not enough. In fact, defining and experiencing what it means to have and be “enough” is a central theme of this workshop.

    Getting into prosperity thinking!

    The series presents ways to keep in tune with the deep knowledge that you are taken care of. You are provided for, and always will be.

    What would life be like if you dropped the fear of lack and all the striving? How would it feel if you could relax into knowing that you have enough, that there is enough, and that you are enough? As James Baldwin said: Your crown is already bought and paid for, all you have to do is put it on your head!

    A Course in Miracles tells us clearly that truly, there is no lack in the Universe. The outer reflects the inner, and it is our thinking that creates our reality.

    Finding peace with your relationship with money

    We will help you understand how your loyalty to your beliefs keep you stuck.

    For many, money is a home for guilt and shame whether there seems to be a lot, enough, or really lacking. Most of us are well-trained in the belief that there is not enough, which really comes around to the belief that we are not enough.

    This is crazy!


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